The Be Strong Lp: the be strong lp

Thursday, September 3, 2009

the be strong lp


  1. Good Album Artwork as it has a LOT to do whether or not I'll download an album. Plus points for the inclusion of Father Of Our Nation (Mahatma Gandhi). Got to know about ya music through DJBooth.Net and both of the featured joints were straight up good music ... not only good Hip-Hop. Bout to check it out with an open mind and a quiet soul.

  2. THANK YOU Mr.Top HAt. This is THE lengendary ASHTON(guy on the bottomleft of the albumcover/designer of the album). It is my hope that you enjoy the music and the message strengthens the purpose of your living. The cover is not a ploy, but an important statement of examples of Great People important to us and many others around our Sphere. THere were many others who should be on this list. Your brother nation SRI LANKA had one of the greatest men, J.R. Jayewardene, a person who helped Japan usher into its realms of prosperity by, declaring that `hatred ceases not by hatred, but by love'
    Even as a christian, I can only applaud such a similar belief.
    thank you again, for your interest, enjoy the album, and peace to your beautiful nation.